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kibera slum

kibera slum

We have finally come to the end of the year 2008 in Kenya. The hand of the Lord has been upon us all this time. All of us remember the post election violence which affected Kenya. Dagoretti Corner slums and Nairobi at large was affected gravely. Armed groups of youth paraded the streets, major roads and the slums for several days; we were marooned in the house. From time to time we would hear gunshots or smell teargas;p there was insecurity everywhere. We had 10 extra people in the house. Businessmen in Dagoretti Corner hired the same armed youths numbering about 250 at a cost of 200/= each per day to guard the area. This worked perfectly well and later the police reinforced them. There were two enemy forces, mungiki from the West and Luo youths from Kibera slums from the East. Early in the week of post election the Luos made a spirited attempt to over run Dagoretti Corner but were stopped by the hired youth group of Dagoretti Corner backed by police at Kenya Science College i.e. 1 km away on Ngong road. The mungikigroup attempted to invade from the West the next day but were stopped at Kawangware market. All this was God’s protection, “No weapon fashioned against us shall ever prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). Shortly after these encounters police and military friends advised us to leave Nairobi for our own safety. Subsequently we left for Malindi on 29/01/08 in a convoy of 3 vehicles; 7 ton lorry and 2 vehicles. We were twenty five in total.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support this was possible due to your generous financial contribution and sincere prayers to our God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Special appreciation goes to the following and others; Tear Fund Australia, Syndal Baptist Church, Allan and Catherine Morrison, The Greater Harvest Trust, John Gibbs, Jennifer Gijsbers, Sarah Lee, Rev. Ian Stanfield, Mark Cross, Maitland Baptist Church, Mike and Liz Saccombe, Church of Christ Orange Australia, Bega Valley Christians, Ernie and Judy Geering, Paul Fellowes and Susie Buckley, Kevin and Nancy Harper, Mustard Seed Africa, Simon East, Janine Kemp, Rebecca and Matthew Smith, Matthew Fyfield, Lou Wynd, St. Matthews Anglican Church, Sydney, Pamoja Child Trust, Brian and Dell Thompson, Chris and Berry, Peter Gitau and Catherine Saccombe, Holy Trinity Anglican Church Oakleigh, Milton Addulah Baptist Church Janine, Geoff Quinn and all well-wishers who assisted in spreadin the Loveof God to the need through the Church.


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