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Joseph Kituku Mwinzia

Joseph Kituku Mwinzia

Joseph Kituku Mwinzia is a 15-year-old student at our high school. He is also one of the best athletes in the country, having recently won a 5,000-metre race in 13 minutes. (The 13-minute barrier was not broken anywhere in the world until 1987, and the world record currently stands at 12:37.35.)

A healthy diet is essential for an elite-level athlete. It is not possible to derive sufficient strength from the diet of maize meal on which many impoverished Kenyans subsist. Joseph is seeking sponsorship in the hope of being able to maximise his natural athletic talent.

Joseph's letter

Joseph's letter

Click on the image to the right to read Joseph’s hand-written letter.

Elyon High School has some other good athletes, and the coach will be spending two weeks working intensively with them after the current academic term ends on 26 November.

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