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I am the pastor of Dagoretti Corner Baptist Church, located in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been serving the urban poor in Nairobi since 1988, when we planted the church.

We are currently running a broad array of programs ranging from primary and secondary school education to support for victims of AIDS to vocational training programs in the fields of dressmaking, carpentry, motor mechanics and music.

Our actions are based on the following beliefs:

  • The Church of Christ is mandated to provide spiritual and physical nourishment to the poorest of the poor (Matt 28: 19-20) and (Matt 25: 31-46).
  • The best ways to fight poverty, ignorance and disease are through cost-effective sponsorship of churches, schools, pastors and teachers, providing essential knowledge to the poor without any form of discrimination between beneficiaries.
  • Effective knowledge will cause attitude change and trigger ability to understand and comply with standards and recommended practices to fight poverty, ignorance and disease in a sustained manner.
  • Faithfulness, availability and teachable spirits are very important ingredients in the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease among the poor.

Although we do provide some emergency relief aid where required, our focus is on long-term community development which brings lasting change, rather than on short-term relief which may result in continuing dependency.