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fellowship meeting

There is genuine cry for help from widows from Kibera slums who have formed a Bible study group which we are trying to encourage and facilitate. Each one has a sad story of loss of their husbands. One has seven children to support despite her business having been burnt down in post election violence.

To All our development Partners in Christ

Dear All


Praise the Lord our saviour Jesus Christ!

We the above named holistic ministry is a Christian community based organization dealing with education mainly to the local Kibera slums Church members ( Women,Youth & Children ) on income generating activities e.g curios & handicrafts,fish mongering, beef / poultry butcheries, hair saloon,  electrical goods shop, nursery school & day care for babies among others.

We engage our members in these different activities  on self help basis to help teach them “how to fish” to try and eradicate the main notion which we have noticed in the slums of “donor-dependence” or hand-outs.

We are based at Kibera Olympic & Ayany  on structures which we purchased with a loan of  US $ 3247 . These structures were looted & burnt down during the post election violence. We have so far managed to rebuild/ re -start the business on some & others half way. We invite you all to come and verify these on the ground at our sites in Kibera. We have about ten Church members on these projects.

We seek this crisis relief assistance to enable us operate fully like before the violence when, the members were able to to feed themselves .Not like now when hard working women & youth are almost being reduced to beggars!  Currently, the projects are run on very small time basis. The funds will be used to re-stock the butcheries with two freezers,beads for the beads works, kerosene pumps, buy stock and working capital for example. All these we had but, were all looted and whatever they could not carry they burnt down and yet we still feel the pinch of repaying loans on businesses which are practically “limping!”

These are the estimates for the movables stock which were looted,we attach all the proforma invoices from the sellers:


KEROSENE PUMP 2PCS @ US $ 1700 EACH total US$ 3400

KEROSENE FROM DEPOT @ 1$ PER LIT RE minimum of 1000Lt’s  total 1000 US $



NB: Pse’ note, we have two locations in Kibera that’s why, we request in two’s.

We acknowledge the big amounts involved and as, a people who model on teaching one another  how to fish, the US $ 5625 can be given to us a loan with a grace period and then, we will be able to re- pay the loan back considering that, the business premises are ours.

We remain hoping you will kindly assist us with the funds to enable us re-start, expand and also to continue with our business which we do in order to get funds to run the ministry!

Thank you in advance and God bless you all.

Yours sincerely,

Lynette Omollo- Abongo Mrs

Kibera coordinator

The sorrows of Lynette and family

Lynette has lived in KIBERA slums for over twenty years with her family of four children and a jobless husband. Recently Lynette accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Two children go to school while two stay at home. This past Friday (12.12.08) her landlord evicted her and demolished the house for new construction against a court injunction. This afternoon I visited the family and was shocked to learn that the family has spent the last three nights in the cold; at a car park in the open. The children sleep in the old and abandoned cars. Today 15/12/08 I visited them and had nowhere to sit and console them. The case is in court but justice is delayed. Her husband was wrongfully detained and injured in the fracas despite a court injunction to stop the eviction. Lynette needs Kshs 60,000/= to rent another house and purchase basic household items to replace the looted ones. She is one of the ladies in this financial request mail to revamp her butchery business. Lynette attends Gatwikira Baptist Church. The rest of the family does not attend this church. Without immediate assistance, Lynette and family will never celebrate Christmas at all.

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